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Client Tracking

An effective Client Tracking System is the best way to increase efficiency in your Traffic Education Program. Compliance Manager's intuitive Client Tracking features eliminate redundancy, provide multiple reports, and provide state reporting along with a host of other tools.

Compliance Manager was designed from the ground up specifically for DUI, DDP and Traffic Education Programs. Implementation of our system creates an organized environment that fosters accurate record keeping and saves staff time for better marketing and customer service.

Client Tracking Features include:


Demographic Information

Enrollment Status, Treatment and Tracking Notes Payment Plans and Full Billing/Payment Receipting Document Storage, Client Pictures

State Reporting Features

Quarterly Enrollment and Treatment Reports Automated Upload of State Required Client Information Monthly, Yearly Statistical Reports and More


Classes / Group Sessions Face to Face Appointments Printable Calendars and Appointment Schedules

All Client information is available and centralized in a data base that makes data retrieval simple and intuitive for staff use.